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After almost two years since I started this, yes, really, it's finally done. All seven in the set. I wrote easter eggs on the back of the Game Gear back when I started that is no longer relevant, but if you read it, I still agree with it. There's easter eggs all over, but if they make sense or not is really up to you.

All the posters on the walls are supposed to represent the things Oliver (the blue one) likes the most, it's his room, in his house. Most of the posters were taken from real posters, just bitmap traced automatically to be manipulated, so they look a little messy, but since they're in the BG, it looks fine to me. I stuck to things that avoided real humans mainly. The one exception isn't a poster, it's a siren painting, and the effect I used to make it is so laggy I am NOT dong it that way again.

This is supposed to be 2005 so things are supposed to line up with that point in time, it's why there's a flip phone, based off one I (well, my parents) used to have in the mid 2000s. Of course this isn't universal, but in the context of the story, it's March 2005.

Why did this take me so long to finish? Little things, really. I kept getting hung up on the pants, and this is why I tend to take them off a lot, but I didn't wanna be TOO lazy.

Made this one as I wanted to make at least one vector that shows Kellin shapeshifting outside of a gif. Kind of a bit silly looking here, but I tried!
safe1577432 artist:lightningbolt822 derpibooru exclusive24378 siren2032 equestria girls180486 .svg available7462 bed36378 boots19216 bring me the horizon295 button829 cellphone2840 clothes409734 controller2020 crossed arms4216 disguise3971 disguised siren449 door3621 drop dead clothing162 duo49477 equestria girls-ified8530 fish tail289 flip phone12 frown21679 green day69 hair over one eye8154 hoodie12338 jeans3335 jewelry51072 kellin quinn258 lamp2287 linkin park69 lip piercing951 long sleeves329 looking at each other16472 male306065 miles "tails" prower683 my chemical romance133 necklace15294 oliver sykes258 paint stains51 painting3251 pants12281 phone5147 piercing34964 pill bottle19 pillow15466 plushie21879 poster4869 raised eyebrow6198 ripped jeans148 seatbelt belt24 sega game gear32 sega mega drive31 shapeshifting258 shirt21292 shoes30400 sitting55104 sleeping with sirens266 smiling215435 socks56877 sonic & knuckles24 sonic the hedgehog2879 sonic the hedgehog (series)7050 svg3174 t-shirt3628 tattoo4599 vector71298 vulgar19604


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