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Smolder: Wait. Is that book titled “The Science of Snuggle”?

Gallus: Why even was such a book written?

Sandbar: Clearly so troglodytes like you two can learn a thing or two! I’ll read with you, ‘Cell!

Silverstream: *bounces* Me too! Me too! I want to read the book about snuggling!

Yona: Yona does not need book to know how hug work! Yaks know best. But Yona stay with friends.

Ocellus: *giggles* You’re all big softies.

Smolder: -Says the most saccharine one of us.

Ocellus: *pokes tongue out*
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well…if…your ok…with that…if you don't mind y////y[cover eyes while blushing] she's so cute!~ziltromon
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Yes! I would love to read a book with Ocellus! I’ll bet she’ll love Robin Hoof or Trotmeo and Ju-neigh-et. Those are the best love stories!