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Ladies and gentlemen, one of two versions of Flutterbat in Soul Calibur, both of which in CPU vs CPU battles are almost UNSTOPPABLE! This is my latest design for Flutterbat in Soul Calibur V. I made a much older and more human skin-toned version years ago, but I find this version to be superior. I also made an alternate version of her in Soul Calibur VI which I will post soon. As for these girls being unstoppable, I'm not kidding. In both SCV and SCVI both Flutterbats have gone on large winning streaks, most likely for being so fast and powerful, despite their short range. This version has Pyrrah's style using Soul Edge, and even though Pyrrah Omega may be more brutal, that didn't dampen Pyrrah Flutterbat's ability to go up against even stronger characters with a style like Nightmare's, and win almost EVERY TIME!

But enough babbling about how OP these girls can be, on to her design for a bit. I know that Flutterbat in the actual show is only a vampire for fruit, but I decided in to make her more of a traditional vampire. Her dress and arm wear are DLC, her dress being Viola's recolored. And I will admit the skull necklace may be overkill, but I wanted her to look as threatening as possible, while still keeping most of her ladylike personality, hence Pyrrah's style and not Pyrrah Omega.

I hope you guys like her, and I'll get to my Soul Calibur VI iteration very soon.
safe (1524930) artist:tychotma-1 (26) fluttershy (192802) bat pony (40686) human (139336) vampire (3120) bat ponified (1871) belly button (64227) black dress (202) boots (17645) circlet (51) clothes (388659) dress (37721) elf ears (1714) female (849606) flutterbat (6320) gloves (16127) humanized (92125) jewelry (46259) lidded eyes (23045) necklace (14073) pony coloring (2470) race swap (12020) shield (1921) shoes (27685) skull (2544) solo (938670) soul calibur (128) soul edge (11) sword (10221) weapon (25566) winged humanization (7907) wings (65848)


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