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safe1749201 artist:lilith1light51 artist:littlemonsteravv2 crackle cosette288 queen chrysalis35437 changedling8753 changeling49739 insect1941 ladybug635 pony1009402 unicorn341820 alternate universe10498 aweeg*358 base used21705 cheese775 crown17927 cucumber368 cute205548 drink5044 eating9942 eyeshadow16541 female1400775 food72886 glass4804 glowing horn20491 grass10133 herbivore1216 horn77367 jewelry68033 juice1364 lettuce146 levitation12541 magic75329 makeup22770 mare501638 picnic1388 picnic blanket986 picture1354 purified chrysalis177 regalia21111 sandwich2039 sitting65519 straw2028 telekinesis28687 tomato368 tree33489 vegetables139


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Background Pony #089E
Chrysalis having a picnic with her disguise. Did she do that Simulo Duplexis + Accelero combo Starlight found? She must have added a third spell to the cocktail, because just those two only give he illusion of being in two places at once. Still one brain controlling both 'copies'.

Anyway, so Crackle Cosette. Interesting to see her stuffing her face enough to have chipmunk cheeks, while also doing that lower eyelid 'eye smile' the ponies do when they're really happy. How else can I put it. She looks like a pony. As in she looks like a born and raised unicorn from Equestria.
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