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source needed (12770) suggestive (122865) artist:aphexangel (208) twilight sparkle (274858) human (139510) barefoot (23255) bikini (14924) blushing (168186) breasts (226936) busty twilight sparkle (10037) cleavage (29590) clothes (389204) commission (47211) covering (3588) cutie mark clothes (198) embarrassed (9588) feet (32906) female (851280) humanized (92188) simple background (326049) solo (939600) solo female (163827) swimsuit (23411) transparent background (170113)


not provided yet


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Background Pony #1573
@Background Pony #E5FE
Making a comic would be great but it'd likely be prohibitively expensive and hard to find an artist who'd even do it besides. Comics are a lot of work and I couldn't keep myself from wanting to expand it beyond the initial swimsuit prank to Twilight trying to deal with the situation.

Exactly the sort of gags I'd want to see in a longer comic based on this idea.
Background Pony #E5FE
I guess it's a small comfort to her now, but at least her hair mostly covers her from the back.
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

I commissioned this. It wasn't in the scope of the commission to depict fully, but the idea behind this is that Rainbow Dash has secretly replaced Twilight's boring one-piece swimsuit with that bikini as a "favor" to try to get her to enjoy the beach by showing off like Dash does (see the other pic by this artist).