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Little bit of Pinkie Pie side fun between real work.

Original Lines by @Longinius1

High Resolution https://newgrounds.com/art/view/vest816/eensy-weensy-pinkie-pie-bikini
suggestive (120156) artist:longinius (585) artist:vest (344) pinkie pie (196415) anthro (213959) earth pony (172623) alternate hairstyle (22551) ass (38748) balloonbutt (2715) beach (11735) big breasts (61996) bikini (14515) breasts (220346) busty pinkie pie (8928) butt (18256) chubby (11993) clothes (381952) collaboration (4383) dock (40810) fat (18669) female (826199) huge breasts (28656) looking at you (131415) looking back (45273) mare (375032) nail polish (6330) panties (43814) pigtails (3465) plump (6356) polka dots (114) ponk (857) pudgy pie (1276) ribbon (6009) solo (925110) solo female (161232) string bikini (530) swimsuit (22783) thighs (6356) thong (5157) traditional art (103477) underwater (4114) underwear (52409) water (10397) wide hips (12546)


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I figured out what was wrong, had a custom filter up that was blocking one of the tags. Sorry I didn't get to respond to everybody on this image while it was still fresh, I just thought it got missed. But to everyone who commented, thanks! Really appreciate the kindness!