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This is an oooooldie that I just never finished. I actually got through a fair portion of the lineart, or at least for the first part  
here’s a WIP that I put up for patreon a while back  
As you can see not only is the whole sketch really redundant now since it was one of the first pictures I drew after my last artist study and style change so I was pretty unfamiliar with the new style, but the linework was also pretty atrocious in some places.  
so eventually I just decided… do just redo the entire thing.
well, I redid all the linework at least. I updated and fixed the sketches, redoing where necessary.  
I’m much much much happier with the new version and it’s nice seeing it finished. I think given how long I wanted to finish this one made my expectations kinda high and I couldn’t help being a little critical of myself after it was done, but I think it came out pretty nicely.
I’m trying to nail down that design for Anika cus she’s gone through a couple design changes. this one was based off that solo pic of her with a rather full belly.  
Oh speaking of which, while I normally leave this up to the viewer, so all the vore fans can imagine the follow up however they want, I do want to say with this one at least that it was fully my intention that Fluttershy is in no danger. This is, I think, supposed to be when she first met this snake, from what I can remember. and Anika really didn’t intend to harm Fluttershy, and she didn’t. She just likes playing sometimes, it doesn’t always resort to swallowing with Anika, she loves playing.  
Even so I like to imagine that even though she normally acts like any other snake, which is to say, relentlessly ‘flirting’ with her hypnosis and playing with her ‘food’ trying to get ponies to let down their guard and get them in her coils, I like to imagine that if somepony was just straight up with her like “Look I really don’t have time right now, I mean it, I’m serious” I think she’d totally back off like “Oh, okay! Good luck” lol maybe even escort them out of the forest lol  
she isn’t a totally evil snake. buuut sometimes she gotta eat of course.
anywho in this instance she was just making friends with a cute yellow pony who looked like she’d be toootally soft and cuddly to hug. (and she was. Fluttershy so soft)
Let me know if you guys want me to do a follow up with a full coil hug X3  
Oh and yes, this is based off of the 2nd Kaa encounter in the jungle book. Y’all know us kaafans looove re-adapting the scenes with Kaa XD Even if it’s sometimes with different snakes.  
I liked the idea of doing a short wordless comic just trying to illustrate the lil sleepwalking hypnosis without getting too into details. Pretty happy with how it came out.



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A followup showing the full coil hug would be absolutely lovely, yes please.
Mesme Rize

Hypno snekpone
I really like this alot.
As a Kaa fan myself, i don’t get much out of Vore. But i don’t really need confirmation for every picture if it ends in vore or not. I just make up my own ending and it mostly ends up with lots of cuddles and peaceful sleeping in safe and sound coils. :3
@Beau Skunky
I think there are several ways of why people enjoy this scene and fantasy so much and it dosen’t necessarily have to be of sexual nature.
Some like the coiling, some like the thought of being helpless, some even imagine to be the snake itself. I think there are alot of nice fantasys you can think of with this scene. :)
Beau Skunky
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You’d think the “Stare Master” herself would be immune to that.
Not judging anyone whom likes this, but I’m surprised this moment in the “Jungle Book” became such a huge fetish sensation onine. I admit, perhaps Kaa’s singing is a bit… relaxing… Truuuust in meeee…  
So it might be an ASMR moment for some. (Like the famed enchanting “Cleaning/fixing Woody” scene in Toy Story 2.)