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NOTE: This is a mix of a request from 'superfun' and one of my own ideas. It is also a sequel to 2258555 (link included).

A few days ago, Scootaloo revealed her hidden talent for hypnosis by hypnotizing Sweetie Belle while the two were working on posters for the Canterlot High Pet Show, which took place a few days after. While Sweetie was under hypnosis, Scootaloo had her friend remove her boots and dance around the school gymnasium like a ballerina, recording said performance on her phone to show her friends later. She does so the following Monday, and although she is a little irritated at being taken advantage off, Sweetie finds it humorous how Scootaloo managed to actually hypnotize her. However, Apple Bloom (who was not present for these events due to a doctor’s appointment) doesn’t believe it and thinks that her friends are just pulling a prank on her. Scootaloo claims that it isn’t fake and bets that she can hypnotize Apple Bloom like she did with Sweetie Belle. The yellow-skinned girl agrees to this and the two arrange to meet up at Apple Bloom’s house after school that day. They do so, but decide to do the session in the backyard while Applejack does some cleaning inside the house while Granny Smith & Big McIntosh are away for the week. After having Apple Bloom sit down on the ground, Scootaloo takes out her pocket watch, lowers & swings it in front of the young farmer’s eyes, and tells her to relax and let her mind grow blank and empty. Within a few minutes (much like what happened with Sweetie Belle), Scootaloo successfully places Apple Bloom in a deep trance, the yellow-skinned girl’s mind now totally open to Scootaloo’s hypnotic suggestions. This allows the orange-skinned girl to give the young farmer the following trigger: anytime that Scootaloo (and only Scootaloo) says the word ‘feather’ and snaps her fingers, Apple Bloom will suddenly start acting like a chicken, only returning to normal when she hears the trigger a second time. After Apple Bloom accepts the trigger, Scootaloo tells her friend to stand up and remove her boots. Remaining in a trance, the red-haired Crusader wordlessly rises to her feet and kicks off her boots, leaving her barefoot on the grass.

With her friend now in bare feet with a trigger implanted in her mind, Scootaloo snaps her fingers to bring Apple Bloom out of her trance. After taking a minute to fully wake back up, the red-head asks her friend if the hypnosis worked, to which the purple-haired tomboy responds in the affirmative, adding that her friend was very easy to entrance. Looking down at her bare feet, Apple Bloom also asks why she took her boots off, but Scootaloo fibs that she had her friend take them off while she was hypnotized in order to ‘help her relax more’. Wanting to test the trigger she came up with, Scootaloo (being a little mischievous) asks Apple Bloom if she could step inside the chicken coop for a minute. Although she is a little confused, Apple Bloom obliges anyways and walks inside the (thankfully empty) chicken enclosure, closing & locking the gate behind her. Turning to face her friend (who is on the other side of the wire fence), Apple Bloom is about to ask why she is doing this, but Scootaloo cuts her off by snapping her fingers and uttering the trigger phrase. Immediately after this happens, Apple Bloom seems to lose her human mind and starts to mindlessly strut around the pen while flapping her folded arms like wings and clucking like crazy, occasionally scratching the ground with her (still) bare feet. Finding this amusing, Scootaloo decides to take this a step further and spreads some chicken feed from a nearby bag on the enclosure ground, which the hypnotized Apple Bloom actually starts pecking up off the ground. Scootaloo then prepares to whip out her phone to record her friend’s actions (like she did with Sweetie Belle), but then realizes that it would be funnier if both of the Apple sisters were involved in these birdbrained antics. Leaving Apple Bloom stuck as a chicken in the pen, Scootaloo stows her watch in her pocket before heading inside the farmhouse to find Applejack….
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