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During her spring break on the cruise ship Lux Deluxe, the ‘Great and Powerful’ Trixie hosts a nightly stage hypnosis show in one of the ship’s amphitheaters, inviting at least two members of the audience to come up onto the stage and allow themselves to fall under her ‘hypnotic spell’. One such show sees Trixie’s schoolmates, Lyra Heartstrings & Octavia Melody, volunteering to be hypnotized. However, as they seat themselves on the two chairs placed on the stage, Lyra and Octavia openly admit that, due to Trixie’s reputation at school, they don’t believe she can really hypnotize them. However, Trixie manages to prove them wrong by placing both girls in a deep, hypnotized sleep with just a few swings of a pocket watch. With her two volunteers in a trance, Trixie then gets on with the show. Starting with Octavia, Trixie has the grey-skinned musician think that she is a ballerina and tells her to start dancing for the audience when she hears a finger snap. Sure enough, upon hearing the magician snap her fingers, Octavia wakes up and rises from her seat before standing on her tiptoes and performing a beautiful ballet routine for the audience, even managing to pull off a rather graceful pirouette. Once Octavia finishes and is put back to sleep in her seat, Trixie moves on to Lyra and tells the green-skinned girl that when she wakes up, she will be unable to remember her own name. Again, when Lyra is woken up and asked her name, she finds she is unable to recall until Trixie restores her memory. Other highlights of the show include Octavia being made to act like a chicken upon hearing the word ‘feather’, Lyra being made to act like a dog, both girls being made to think that their butts have been glued to their seats, Octavia being made to think her shoe is a phone (resulting in her having a brief conversation while holding one of her sandals to her ear), Lyra being made to belly-dance for the audience, and both girls being made to think they are cheerleaders, resulting in them performing an upbeat cheer routine based around how great Trixie is. At the end of the show, after both girls have been put back to sleep, Trixie brings her volunteers completely out of hypnosis and sends them back to their seats, but tells them that (even when they’re out of their trances), they will remember hypnosis as a wonderful, relaxing experience, they would both be up to being hypnotized by her again if given the chance, and that they were wrong to doubt her abilities as she is amazing at almost everything….

The next day, Lyra and Octavia are hanging out together by the Lux Deluxe’s pool, discussing their experiences at Trixie’s hypnosis show the previous night. While the two girls are no longer hypnotized, Trixie’s words before they were woken up still hold much influence over their minds, as their conversation is mostly just praising the magician (who they always seem to refer to as ‘The Great and Powerful’ Trixie) for her outstanding abilities and reminiscing how nice it felt to be one of her ‘mindless puppets’. About midway into their conversation, Octavia gets the idea that they should volunteer for Trixie’s next show that night just for fun. Lyra thinks that this is a terrific idea, but advises that they should asks Trixie if it’s okay to volunteer more than once. As they make their way to find Trixie, Octavia and Lyra start discussing what things they may be made to do if they get chosen for the show. Lyra hopes to be made into a cat while Octavia hopes to be made to sing a song for the audience. Nonetheless, both girls agree that, no matter what they do, it’ll all be worth it to once again experience the relaxation and bliss of the Great and Powerful Trixie’s hypnotic abilities……..
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