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This was inspired by the adorable work of Ipun who have me permission to post this

Their work is adorable i am quite fond of it go check them out!
safe1706532 artist:brainiac1870 luster dawn1550 pony967649 unicorn323372 abstract background14682 bipedal34571 chibi14385 clothes459655 cute199818 dress44527 female1363174 heart eyes16600 inspired by another artist29 lusterbetes134 maid5818 mare480606 open mouth145871 shoes36735 smiling248513 socks66327 solo1064304 wingding eyes22259


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Background Pony #FF91
Twilight: Luster, while I do appreciate that you're spending time with others more often, dressing in a maid outfit may give others the wrong idea of your intentions.

Luster: Okay boomer.
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Background Pony #1FD7
That's adorable. 🙂

I wonder how her teacher thinks of this; Twilight asking her to go get some friends, and she later comes back like this.
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Background Pony #5E86
She reminds me of those vintage porcelain dolls, except she's not Creepy :3
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Oh wow, she's so incredible adorable like this. The maid dress itself is also very pretty, makes me wish I could wear it myself.
Really well done again <3
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