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A beautiful summer vacation and having nothing to do? Why not just get on your very own private yacht, have a party or two, and then just scuba dive on a little island you own? Perfect right? Well not exactly when you have a bunch of people ruining your vacation. Sometimes it's just a time to slowly melt and relax the worries of the year off as you just cool off. Hello, what's that little crab doing there?

After so many months of Summer ticking away like it was nothing, Here is the only Summer drawing left of the 2019 Summer season. It has been so long and there have only been 3 drawings with the summer theme. Life stinks when you can't do what you want and it hurts badly. Anyway, have some EQG Khunis in a wetsuit.

Yeah the pose is Sunset Shimmer posing for the Selfie in Forgotten Friendship but, at least it works. Also…Spycrab. A big thanks to one of my friends and everyone who was in the stream for supporting me through this.

Khunis belongs to johnathon-matthews (R33lKhun1sP0n3 me)

drawn by johnathon-matthews (R33lKhun1sP0n3 me)

This piece is featured on my deviantart page.
safe (1524075) artist:johnathon-matthews (38) oc (574194) oc:khunis jirall (14) genie (1359) human (139689) equestria girls (172507) beach (12058) deviantart watermark (1996) elf ears (1713) island (301) male (288891) obtrusive watermark (3031) ocean (4934) scuba gear (90) solo (938051) spy crab (1) watermark (13906) wet hair (641) wetsuit (584)


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