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NOTE: I did not make either of these. All credit goes to the original artist.

And so ends this run of pics with everyone's favorite pink poofy-haired party planner. Hope y'all enjoy!

Also, I actually have a question this time: In your opinion, which member of the Rainbooms has the best swimsuit and why?

Sound off in the comments! :D
safe1556916 artist:the-butch-x1362 edit114747 editor:thomasfan45195 pinkie pie201519 equestria girls177614 equestria girls series28048 adorasexy7756 attached skirt145 bare shoulders1675 beach ball1282 beautiful4518 bed35560 bow swimsuit73 butch's hello121 clothes401764 cloud26653 cute173504 cutie mark on clothes880 description is relevant747 diapinkes8405 equestria girls logo763 female881114 frilled swimsuit242 geode of sugar bombs1460 grin32251 happy27129 hello x121 leggings1672 looking at you140784 magical geodes6532 ocean5124 open mouth120582 pantyhose3196 peace sign2303 pillow15066 pinkie's bedroom25 sexy22988 signature18285 sitting53891 skirt35048 sky11510 smiling210220 solo960333 swimsuit24249 tanktop6591 tricolor swimsuit105 underass2151


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Sunset Shimmer Swimsuit is just perfect imo. Though she needs more boob showing but her cute exposed belly, long sexy legs and juicy thighs make up for it.