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Youtube has gone downhill not only because of COPPA, but because most Youtube videos have turned off their comment sections. So bogus
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@Prince Areo

it's pretty easy to use, yeah. a little unstable though, and there's basically two devs at the moment so it's hard to keep everything working right together. if I knew anything better, I'd use it.

if you manage to get your certificate to and peer with them, then I can peer with them too, to try to hook us together as peers. and I can uh… answer any questions. the site is probably better at answering them than me though, so check it out first.
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in all honesty, anyone who has even a small following online could leverage a patreon to get money, and then torrents to put out videos and a mega account to host an archive.

you may not get the same discoverability as youtube, but the means to make it work is already there, so if youtube died tomorrow I wouldn't worry to much. on that note, youtube will never go away even if it is fully in the red and they make no profit because the clout they get by shaping opinion is too powerful.

When many believe you-tube had gone downhill after COPPA had to mess up the site when the further way downhill is many who created a channel on the video sharing website also had turned off the comment section when a few boards on deviant also had the comments turned off.
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@Pone 2.0
We must find a new medium, as it would appear they are deliberately trying to properly snuff YT by making it unappealing as possible in the face of alternatives, when it was fine the way it was when there was little competition.
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@Pone 2.0

Disney Channel sure but not the main Disney YouTube and Oh My Disney. At least not from the videos I have seen.
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@Background Pony #4906

Even things like the old "Cartoons that Never Made it" skits on Cartoon Network have their comments disabled. Skits which include such content as a dog with rabies and a dancing fish which then dies, rots, and a fly even walks on the fish's eye (he died with his eyes open).
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Not just FiM and EQG, but most copyrighted content, family especially. I notice that non copyrighted works and PG-13 stuff remains largely unaltered, save older ones whose channels simply did not want comments to begin with.
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Are you serious man? First the changes with COPPA and now this? What's next? Will YouTube end up shutting down because of all of this drama? I totally find this hard to believe. I seriously hope that YouTube doesn't shut down.

somehow, youtube doing this across a large portion of content is going to push things like dissenter or whatever company does the 'comment anywhere' idea next. here's hoping it won't be full of morons smearing it so it actually has a chance to take off.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Equestria Girls Fan
The reason why YouTube turned off comments on kids content is to completely comply with COPPA. They said they needed to do this to comply with the law. I too am somewhat uncomfortable with this new change with YouTube. Not only that, but they also disabled features such as post notifications, the mini player, and end screens for kids content as well.