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Just an edited photo of my Rarity clone Diamonrare from “spike meets the clones” comic

Before anyone says that it’s edited to avoid crediting JonFawkes, let me remind you that I have commissioned him for the comic page that this comes from. Also Just like the fan made character Lill miss Rarity, Diamonrare also have scars. However diamonrare is not Lill Miss Rarity.

suggestive129470 artist:jonfawkes1615 edit119616 oc613167 oc:diamonrare16 human144169 big breasts69989 breasts243392 cat eyes109 choker9498 cleavage31045 clone2333 diamond634 eye clipping through hair4249 eyeshadow13322 female933572 gem5444 hand on hip4694 humanized94953 looking at you146408 makeup18078 menacing337 sexy24521 slit eyes4119 smiling218555 solo982426 strapless1151 strapless bra68 walking4171


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Background Pony #C03E
Are there any more pages to this comic? The last one I could find was the one where Diamonrare smothers Spike to unconsciousness with her boobs. I really want to see this continue.