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"I swear these measurements were accurate just a few weeks ago!"
Anonymous commission of Milky Way having some fitting room issues! Character belongs to the one-and-only
suggestive (122690) artist:longinius (615) oc (574421) oc only (393882) oc:milky way (2092) anthro (219377) earth pony (180202) unguligrade anthro (41005) anthro oc (27240) ass (39761) big breasts (64043) bra (13373) breasts (226371) butt (20851) clothes (388445) female (849140) fitting room (40) freckles (23792) frilly underwear (4022) huge breasts (29650) implied breast expansion (91) lace (650) lingerie (9090) looking back (46434) mare (388730) mirror (4458) monochrome (142593) panties (44426) reflection (2670) solo (938321) solo female (163663) struggling (782) sweat (21682) thong (5234) tight fit (316) traditional art (105184) underwear (53000)


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@Exhumed Legume
Sorry, i just checked and realize that wasn't made clear In my dnp info. As you already finished them, these two can stay up. I'll just have to ask the mods to update my dnp info.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
Wallet After Summer Sale -

Awww, poor Milky Way, she looks so sadorable in here. That must be a constand struggle she has to face.
She deserves a completely non-sexual hug, to cheer her up.