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All Credit and praise goes to Necrofeline as the artist, I am merely the uploader.

"Queen Haydon, Scorpan and Tirek's mother from the Fiendship is Magic comics, heavily pregnant. I'm going to say she's pregnant with Tirek in this pic, since her belly is rather large and centaur foals are NOT tiny.

I actually had a lot of fun with this piece, and I hope they continue Tirek's story in the comics later on. Haydon and Vorak were awesome and I LOVE the fact that Tirek and Scorpan are princes. Unfortunately we didn't get a proper ending for the comic, and the ones that followed afterward in the series were shite IMO. :P" ~ Necrofeline
safe (1524920) artist:necrofeline (183) queen haydon (66) anthro (219473) gargoyle (198) spoiler:comic (9941) bedroom eyes (48900) belly (22945) big belly (7759) clothes (388655) crown (12708) dress (37720) ear piercing (19786) earring (16575) huge belly (1603) jewelry (46259) looking at you (135371) piercing (32394) pregnant (11867) regalia (14787) table (7786)


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