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I figured Pinkie would celebrate the arrival of a new year the hardest. Really, I don't think I made her festive enough. I was a little tempted to age the Cake twins up a bit for this, maybe give them eye whites at least to look a little closer to the five-year-old model for the pony children. It was already getting really late in the month though, and I didn't want to delay this project any further than it already had been.

For anyone curious about Pinkie's New-Year-Glasses and what the heck is 1113 for, I wanted an Equestrian date instead of our real world 2020. Going off of Horse Play, it had been 1111 years since Celestia had been raising the sun in 2018 when it aired, so two years later would make it 1113 now. Of course if the Equestrian calendar was really based off when the Royal sisters started raising the sun and moon and presumably began their rule, then Celestia would probably have already known about her ones-versary but I'm willing to ignore that fact. Let it be known from here on it that the year 2020 is, in the Equestrain Calendar, 1113 AS (After Sunbutt).
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