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>>456368 but with more frames
safe1707144 artist:petirep313 edit132562 dinky hooves4383 pony968256 unicorn323671 animated98669 bed40950 bedroom10364 calendar542 chair6819 curtains1947 cute199896 dinkabetes288 dinkysharkfighter3217 door3969 edited gif22 editor needed82 female1363743 filly66739 foal15429 frame by frame4075 gif31058 happy31243 i have done nothing productive all day149 lamp2655 office chair133 open mouth145966 poster5275 solo1064719 spinning906 table9226


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Yeah, and he does Steeb boy Hotdog, too bad they don't update the other comics as much.

What really sucks is they said "We aren't going to do RDP anymore, unless we have a team." And then a bit later they were like "We're getting the band back together and doing RDP again! Stay tune for all the adventures!" and they did a big marathon of all the past ones with commentary, and only ended up doing a Star in Yellow.
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