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Sunset Shimmer and Fluttershy are playing Super Smash Bros Ultimate, the video is streaming live on Sunset's channel. While playing the game, Sunset has a lot of difficulty to keep up with Fluttershy's skills. She plays as Cloud and Fluttershy as Luigi. Sunset didn't realises how extremely good Fluttershy is with the Green Plumber. So she thought it would be easy to beat her with Cloud (her main) but she didn't expect to lose against the kind girl.

Like it says, never underestimate your opponent. ;)

By the way, to do this screen capture, I did play in two play mode by myself. And I did some adjustment for the template too.

Hope you like it. :)

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Sunset Shimmer: My Cloud is way better than your Luigi.
Fluttershy: You're talking a lot of shit for someone in grab down throw short hop dair nair short hop dair up air up b distance.
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