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"Miss Ambassador, Please remember to make a "good" impression, you're representing our country after all, and please don't Shriek…..they usually don't like that"

Name: Crescendo Heart, Originally named Connor Sparkle*
Reason for the name: His Voice when Growing Up
Nickname(s): None at the moment
Parents: Sci-Twi and Sonata (biological Parents), Skystar and Autumn Blaze (adopted Parental Figures)
Family: Monody (younger sister), TBA (adopted sister)
Species/Gender: Male Siren/pony Hybrid (he's 80% siren and 20% pony)
Occupation: Secretary, Doctor/nurse, Bodyguard and "casual" friend of Ambassador Celebes
Residence: Mount Aeris Castle
Hometown: The Human world
Genderbend Name: TBA
Human name: Connor Cross
Age range: Adult (27 in human years)
Likes: Singing (he's forbidden to though), Music, Sad romances, Drama, Theatre, Opera.
Dislikes: Unjustice, his "true" form, when others are scared/intimidated from his presence, Fire (he's accustomed to it, but he still doesn't like it).
Personality: Direct, Secretive, can be resentful, Straightforward, Vain,logical, Extremely Loyal and Selfless
Morality: lawful Good
Important relationships: TBA
History: Being born out of a "nightstand" wasn't great, but what was worse was to be left with almost no warning to another dimension….. "I'll be back her mom said"; Connor stopped waiting as soon as he realized that his Mom had just abandoned him to die (not really but that's what poor 11-year-old Connor thought).
He was left in the Ocean so he had to swim a lot before finally making it to the coast, and everyone he encountered was terrified of him, he wandered the coasts until he found himself in Mount Aeris; where he was brought to the Queen by the guards (mostly because they didn't know what to do, as the kingdom had not seen a siren in centuries).
Connor told the Queen that his mother had abandoned him, although he didn't give details nor his name and asked to be a servant at the castle (at least he would be paid and it would be a better life than hunting for fish or in the garbage).
Skystar, saddened by the youngling's story decided to adopt him, much to everyone shock.
Crescendo (new given name) tried to be helpful but also took advantage of the royal life when he could even if the other Kids always called him a "street Rat" and told him that he didn't deserve where the life he was given, but Crescendo didn't care, he was grateful that Karma had come his way (as he didn't steal anything when he was wandering around).

* in the EG universe they have Human names instead of their "Pony" names because I think that's a little weird.
Believes in Karma
Puberty hit him like a truck, he basically started to molt skins and grew 10 times bigger overnight.
when he was in the process of "molting" his voice would shift from deep and gravely to his average kid's voice, it was very awkward.

Bases by MPLbasemaker33 and Saphi-Boo
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