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Just a more focused view from my main very late New Years Picture:

Cropped down a little, but a slightly higher resolution.




The winter variation was my own edit.
safe1559220 alternate version32708 anonymous artist2198 apple bloom46236 applejack157477 big macintosh26698 fluttershy196082 pinkie pie201686 pound cake2355 pumpkin cake2137 rainbow dash217560 rarity168295 scootaloo48892 spike74317 sweetie belle46331 twilight sparkle280291 alicorn191787 pony830132 series:fm holidays76 blanket4623 boots18788 cake twins407 cloak3765 clothes402697 cold857 crossed legs2656 cutie mark crusaders17551 earmuffs1063 female883133 fire9885 fire breath497 fireworks1736 fluttermac2622 freezing177 glasses54072 gloves16876 happy new year1029 happy new year 202085 hat75316 holding a pony2512 holiday15694 hood1129 hoof gloves94 jacket10576 lineless3455 looking at something2235 looking up13827 male300084 mane seven5852 mane six29109 mouth hold15233 new year865 no pupils3400 nose in the air940 novelty glasses3 open mouth120888 party horn478 ponyville4938 ponyville town hall246 rocket741 scarf20842 shared clothing608 shared sweater5 shipping181944 shoes29569 siblings5720 smiling211165 snow12426 sparkler (firework)87 straight120400 sweater13011 top hat3668 twilight sparkle (alicorn)113971 twins1907 winter3940


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