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safe1577134 artist:happy harvey294 oc605896 oc only410214 oc:anon11352 oc:filly anon2355 earth pony199643 pony846968 :<954 :t3744 adoranon60 angry24004 animated92079 blue background4064 blushing176076 chest fluff32580 colored pupils8799 cute177792 disembodied hand2465 eyes closed80331 eyes open136 female900590 filly59620 fingernails360 frown21673 glare8037 hand7783 i'm not cute352 looking up14161 madorable531 offscreen character29513 petting1675 scrunchy face6824 simple background346145 solo focus16493 speech bubble20579


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13 comments posted
Background Pony #91D9
Anonfilly is generally seen as a completely random Anon who happened to get turned into a filly, not you personally.
Background Pony #91D9
At least that's what he thinks to himself right before Anonfilly does the kick, Anon knowing absolutely nothing about just how powerful a "marshmallow" filly's kick can actually be.
Background Pony #91D9
And then Anon got a swift roundhouse kick to his face because that Anonfilly does not like it when random Anons walks up to her and thinks she's suddenly okay with them touching her simply because she's a filly now.