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Gotta chuck out my last Pride Month art while it's still June.

A quick art about Good Fortune, as much as I'm a squealing fangirl about my shipping of him with another guy, in-story they are still very much in the closet. And in no hurry to come out just yet, mostly just testing the waters safely.
Because not everyone is in a situation where they are feeling ready to come out.

So, just a little reminder that Pride Month is not meant to push or rush anyone to come out before they are ready. Whether they are just gathering courage, still questioning, or in a situation where they don't yet feel safe to do it… it's all good.
Outing someone against their will is no "help" either. Everyone's situation is unique, and thus follow each their own pace. Take your time, there is no rush. And no need if you just don't want to.

Anyways, just a quick PSA.



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