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Higher res no-hub of >>224447 (merged)
safe1863283 screencap242117 rainbow dash249605 tank2879 pegasus356970 pony1207730 tortoise808 just for sidekicks979 season 31682 affection169 animated106568 blushing222066 cute220589 daaaaaaaaaaaw5262 dashabetes10328 drool27807 duo90747 embarrassed12638 face licking313 female1502706 gif35650 gritted teeth14868 heart54937 licking22549 male423401 mare558022 nuzzling4343 on back27462 raised eyebrow7242 scrunchy face7530 tankabetes38 tongue out118532 tsunderainbow475 tsundere3129 weapons-grade cute4034


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