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safe1557027 artist:atlas-66138 braeburn6083 oc595126 oc only405033 butterfly6204 changeling39161 dog8438 earth pony191444 wolf1319 book30186 car5359 city3650 computer5499 cyrillic1552 day657 flag3367 france309 gay24862 gay pride181 gay pride flag300 globe284 house1755 lamp2226 lgbt270 male299618 mushrooms38 nature834 night22242 photoshop3658 pride1118 pride flag672 rain5519 room867 russian3648 scp foundation199 stallion90582 team fortress 25273 text49937 tree26911 volkswagen103 volkswagen type 220 window7091


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Learning to draw
I just threw off the picture for important negotiations) But since you talked about it ..
Without a clue, the story of him is perhaps greatly distorted. What kind of person it was, and it existed in general, I did not go into this story, maybe Jesus is just a myth.