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safe (1520468) artist:marcorois (366) rarity (165224) equestria girls (172511) equestria girls series (26920) absurd resolution (62994) clothes (389335) cute (166806) female (846108) geode of shielding (1596) grin (31015) high heels (8812) magical geodes (6255) pencil skirt (158) raribetes (4346) shoes (27430) simple background (324309) skirt (34122) smiling (201873) solo (938364) transparent background (168944) vector (70175)


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Background Pony #B649
Awwww, what an adorable, little, fabulous, young lady you are, Rarity! I love your blue, flare-out top. It's so, so cute! Your shoes are a gorgeous, rare sight to see! The real kicker for me though, is that adorable, purple, pencil skirt you're wearing! I love that part of your outfit the most! It makes you look extra adorable!

Rarity: Why thank you for all the compliments, darling! snuggles me