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PeichenPhilip, creator of the Seaswirl The Attention Horse blog, is awfully excited about getting to meet at BronyCon this year and my brain went to the obvious conclusion.

Oh that silly Attention Horse.

safe1556711 artist:ravenpuff1127 sea swirl1384 seafoam1383 pony827843 unicorn258165 bronycon1630 bronycon 2019135 background pony8922 dagger441 female880961 glowing horn16198 horn40635 levitation10338 magic64596 magic aura2783 mare404966 partial color4628 sea swirl the attention horse24 solo960198 telekinesis24135 this will end in blood6 this will end in death1985 this will end in murder22 traditional art107959 weapon26758


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