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safe1554630 artist:andypriceart2935 idw14136 abyssinian king40 blacktip22 chief thunderhooves255 everfree dignitary7 glenda27 horwitz20 king aspen141 princess celestia88984 raven605 twilight sparkle279679 urtica34 abyssinian1088 alicorn190768 anthro225667 ape35 bat pony42313 bird6571 buffalo568 changedling7094 changeling38997 deer4410 digitigrade anthro1289 dragon46546 gorilla108 griffon24392 hybrid14721 mule390 parrot377 pony825873 unicorn257021 yak3734 spoiler:comic10020 spoiler:comic6170 bowtie8396 clothes400546 convocation of the creatures9 cropped42747 doe245 drinking glass46 eyes closed78325 female878717 fez513 hall of unity10 hat74557 juggling200 male298778 mare403824 official comic2440 robes305 speech bubble20023 stag97 stallion90267 tuxedo1226 twilight sparkle (alicorn)113667 unicycle157


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