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This commission was based on a scene in my story, Azure's Last Journey. The tl;dr here is that Azure was in a coma, woke up to his on and off marefriend, Celaeno, and finally proposed to her… only to find out that he was going to be a father as well.
safe (1522020) artist:urbanqhoul (130) captain celaeno (1007) oc (572794) oc:azure glide (60) parrot pirates (364) pegasus (221100) my little pony: the movie (17317) spoiler:my little pony movie (83) amputee (3985) azurlaeno (19) bandage (4870) bed (34309) canon x oc (20816) commission (46807) crying (38218) curtains (1460) cute (167128) ear piercing (19650) earring (16460) engagement ring (150) hoof on back (2) hoof on belly (149) hospital (1355) hospital bed (336) injured (2946) intravenous (14) jewelry (45963) kneeling (6998) marriage proposal (467) ocbetes (3939) piercing (32217) pirate (2217) pregnant (11834) sitting on bed (42) smiling (202168) tears of joy (1899) window (6772) wings on hips (2)


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