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Booyah! Cozycorn Vectorfest is back!

Introducing the first ever Rainbow Power Cozy Glow Vector! :D

And the best part is, there's two versions! You can find the normal pegasus version here!

Also first time making an original pose from merged screenshots — I used about 4 or so. ;)

Both versions and the SVG file are available in the ZIP folder.

Please don't try to open the preview image full-size, it is about 16 MB (9000x7836) and could crash your browser (it happened with mine when I tested it earlier).

Vector #12 in my Cozycorn (Alicorn Cozy Glow) Vectorfest.

Original cutie mark by Sinkbon
Vector by NC-TV (lincolnbrewsterfan)
safe (1521137) artist:lincolnbrewsterfan (51) cozy glow (5372) alicorn (183483) pegasus (220808) .svg available (7187) alicornified (4226) behold (72) colored wings (4704) confident (445) cozycorn (370) glow (3596) glowing mane (338) glowing tail (35) gradient hooves (486) gradient horn (25) gradient wings (444) meet your doom (1) race swap (11984) rainbow power (2614) rainbow power-ified (652) simple background (323775) smiling (201933) solo (936116) transparent background (169067) vector (70197) what has magic done (515) wings (65169) xk-class end-of-the-world scenario (2179) xk-class end-of-the-world scenario alicorn (18)


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