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Little Pip

YCH-commission for AW61
Paid base by Sparkling Light
safe (1502720) artist:lesik-starshade (3) artist:rioshi (158) artist:sparkling_light (57) artist:starshade (213) oc (567295) oc only (385706) oc:littlepip (3613) pony (779903) unicorn (234009) fallout equestria (14481) base used (12745) bed (33634) bedroom eyes (47642) blushing (164753) clothes (382259) cute (163197) cutie mark (36964) face down ass up (6677) fanfic (9892) fanfic art (12145) female (827010) flower petals (154) hooves (15465) horn (32563) looking at you (131508) mare (375567) part of a set (8180) pipbuck (3094) smiling (197629) solo (925734) vault suit (3049) ych result (14106)


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infinita est lux Solis
Artist -

Heretical Inquisitor
I'm assuming (Since I have no idea what you're talking about) that's similar to how in almost all languages descended from Latin, objects and words are given genders, like the Spanish words El (The masculine form of The) and La (The feminine form of The).
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