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Two hot pony lesbians celebrate over the fact that they got to Disney-I mean Whinnyland itself.
safe (1522734) artist:andypriceart (2888) idw (13958) applejack (154952) rarity (164990) earth pony (179422) pegasus (221334) pony (797313) unicorn (242979) friends forever (349) spoiler:comic (9921) spoiler:comicff8 (47) background pony (8555) didney worl (87) duo focus (617) female (846875) male (288379) mare (387191) official comic (2403) stallion (86176) unnamed pony (1631) whinnyland (30)


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Background Pony #6CF2

I really like that issue. Applejack wondering several times if she can pet the goats or if they would be offended. A goat eating the season 5 script. Them accidentally crashing into a pony version of Mount Rushmore.
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The Jock Jams
I never knew that there would exist something in this mortal plane as bizarre as two cartoon horses who are definitely not lesbians and getting all excited over a Disney Land parody but here we are.