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Si, alguien tenía que conseguirle alguna utilidad (si, esta pequeña princesa tiene talento)

Yes, someone had to get him some utility … (yes, this little princess has talent)
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Tokio Toy

What can I say: crazier things have happened in this, Our Fandom World.

and yes, it is incredible that this rage is preserved even if their appearances have been VERY told (with a hoof … and they are left over), but it was also funny to think of a joke with the petulant nephew of Celestia.

@Tokio Toy
I think they mean it's a running gag to have characters randomly hurt him in the fandom since even after 10 years and 2 non-verbal cameos there are still fans upset at him.
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Background Pony #91E5
he a run gag! so is normal to see him be in pain! everypony and every creature want to hurt him, event the baby! well flurry is the prove , event the baby dont like him!
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