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this is a picture of Goldy and Hazard talking about their town, they both very-much like the beauty of the sunrise. Goldy specifically because of how pretty it is, and Hazard because it makes Goldy happy.

Hi! my artist name is ArtDBait and i am an artist.

I started an image series called "Goldy and Hazard" which follows the two ponies as they live their day to day lives and sometimes talk about their childhood. i hope you like it~

Commissions are OPEN 5 dollars per character per image and every image comes with a simple background if you want one.

if you want something complex we can talk about the price, but generally it will be 5 dollars.

you can find my older work here

if you dont want/need a picture you could tell your friends about me. The more commissions i get the more art i can make for everyone!
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