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Hey everyone long time no see I feel like. Here's the first art of 2020! Post finale Applejack watching the sun set on ponyville and beyond. The town was completely remade and consists of +800 shapes alone.
Hope people like it!
safe1599638 artist:sol-r75 applejack161226 pony868609 the last problem4573 absurd resolution63897 canterlot5296 clothes419362 facing away212 female1272318 granny smith's scarf140 older23813 older applejack602 ponyville5279 ponyville town hall270 rear view10469 scarf21208 sitting56548 solo991706 tree28670 windmill291


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@Rainbow Whooves
Or Rarity. Or whoever you ship her with. Or not with any special somepony at all, but with her sister or the rest of her family.

This is pretty, but her being there by herself just seems kind of sad and lonely.