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uh oh!

so, while starlight and trixie were on their grand road trip they both uh… equally messed up along the way. both of them ended up with something to confess, and it went a little something like this:

starlight: "so… i'm just gonna come out and say it. i slept with hoo'far."

trixie: "oh my god… starlight, this… this is a big deal. i don't really know how i'm supposed to be able to look at you the same way again — how am i supposed to kiss you or sleep in the same bed as you knowing what i do now? i'm so deeply disappointed in you — i thought you knew better."

starlight, crying: "yeah… yeah, you're right i'm so, so sorry… i don't know how i'm ever gonna make this up to you… but i do still want to know what you were going to confess?"

trixie: "oh, yeah, that. well, i cheated on you."

starlight: "WHAT?"

trixie: "oh yeah, haha it's no big deal though : ) it was with hoo'far too!"

starlight, smacking her face with her hoof: "WHY did you get to mad at ME then??"

trixie: "oh… right. so we're equal, right?"

starlight: "god, okay… yeah, we're equal."

and thus they both later found out they were "equally" pregnant with hoo'fars children! trixie gave birth to rain check and starlight, graveyard shift.

graveyard shift is about a week younger than rain check, but they consider themselves twins nonetheless. graveyard often gets mistaken as the older sibling. the two can be considered sort of opposites — graveyard is nocturnal, choosing to spend her time writing poetry in the silent beauty of night unlike rain check who is a major morning pony and can't stand staying up past midnight. he's as flaky as his name suggests, though, so don't try and plan an event around his presence because more often than not he'll either be late or wont show up at all.
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