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Background Pony #8AA9
Winona eats Angel.

Nobody cares, and everybody insists that Fluttesrshy never had a pet rabbit.

Away from Angel's influence, Fluttershy finally begins to recover from her PTSD.
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Owlowiscious: 'Angel you ass. We're supposed to stay put in the Library'
Tank: 'Indeed. Mistress Fluttershy said she'd be back this afternoon, why not wait until then to jack with these ponies'
Opal: 'I agree with Tank, for once. She's always nice to us, and you want to disappoint her like this'
Gummy: (you two aren't fooling anyone, Opal)
Winona: 'They're rahgt, ya fleabitten glorified chew toy. She does nuthin but dote on ya, and you still wanna break 'er heart lahke this?'
Angel: [black guy voice] 'Bitch, I'll slap you all'