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Commissioned by Kachito

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safe1690894 artist:artemis-polara763 flash sentry12738 sunset shimmer62348 comic:a battle to save a possessed soul13 equestria girls198207 arm cannon107 armor23532 aura847 badass3243 beam270 blade221 bleeding655 blocking34 blood24390 breasts273897 cleavage34194 clothes453865 comic108129 commission66853 corrupted2710 danger270 dark samus27 daydream shimmer875 defending96 destruction1469 devastation20 dress43976 energy sword44 energy weapon360 explosion2154 falling2665 fear1012 female1348756 fight6095 forest10058 guarding17 horn64360 injured3312 magic72459 male367496 metroid441 night25959 pain1954 phazon23 possessed1723 red eye90 scared10351 serious1159 serious face1080 shocked expression885 tree31799 weapon30194


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