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Originally posted on: April 18, 2014
Because they needed to be drawn together already

Bloody Butcher belong to mondobutt
Bloom and Blossom belong to me
safe (1523996) artist:axolotlshy (332) oc (574125) oc:bloody butcher (1) oc:bloom (19) oc:blossom (83) anthro (219258) original species (20992) plant pony (595) unguligrade anthro (40981) unicorn (243699) augmented tail (940) clothes (388227) dress (37690) female (848550) flower (20677) flower in hair (6097) heart (41335) leash (6468) lineart (18041) monochrome (142539) mouth hold (14761) plant (1672) walking (3841)


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