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The fourth generation of My Little Ponies is coming to an end, so I thought: "Well, okay, let's draw Drawin in different styles of all the generations of the series, shall we? It's not like I have anything else to do with my time!":dummy:

I spent maybe a few days searching for random episodes of each series, watched the full pilot of Generation 1 and carefully studied the styles, shadings, and how the characters were animated. I tried to experiment with Drawin's design to make her match the time period and the generation style for each series, so here's the result! Additionally, I could not convince myself to remove Drawin's white muzzle, since I didn't like how the designs looked without it (also it's one of those traits that stands out in Drawin the most).

My most favorite generations are G4 (ofc) and G1 (excluding Tales Series). My least favorite are G3.5 and Tales Series. I'm kinda netural towards G3, but if I were to pick from G3, G3.5 and Tales Series — I would definitely watch G3. I didn't include any of G5 designs since I'm unaware if any of the designs that leaked were made canon or not. I might do a seperate thing for those kinds of designs though.
But seriously, Tales Series is so weird… It's like they are ponies, but they act completely like humans. They even have thumbs sometimes o_o

Yes, I know I did a MLP generations meme a long time ago, but hey…. No one said I can't do it again.. Sorta.o3o


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