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safe1653628 artist:saturdaymorningproj495 twilight sparkle293540 alicorn214270 pony918171 unicorn301662 it's about time728 the last problem5400 clothes440883 digital art16716 female1317389 framed by legs227 future twilight1037 latex11162 latex suit3274 mare456174 older25295 older twilight1450 princess twilight 2.02160 self ponidox7755 solid sparkle95 time paradox455 twilight sparkle (alicorn)120768 unicorn twilight15834


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Background Pony #6C37
Future Twilight: Wait? this not my Time-line!? wait , You are me and a Princess?! but how?! and why you are the same size of Celestia!?
Princess Twilight: Is the best you know but you will become like me, but when the time is come and not before(she use magic to make her forget what she see and set her back in her Time-line) Now i fixe this time mess, Good thing i put in her mind the day of our time traval paradox!
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Background Pony #D69A

Imagine how the fans would react if it had happened earlier in season 9 (or even before then) instead of having the epilogue.
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Background Pony #D69A

Interestingly according to the writers she did not gradually grow into that form. Instead she woke up like that one morning and freaked out.
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The magic's gone :-(
Future Twilight meets future Twilight.

Interesting discussions about time travel, alternate universes and paradoxes follow.
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