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Originally posted on: Sep 29, 2019  
Tug of War
An old pic from back when the internet was freaking out about Daybreaker. So her and Nightmare Moon competing for who gets to keep the princess of magic for themselves.
Let the old artening begin! Also, since I’m getting more active again, here’s my Patreon, though with patreon’s rules this is more of a tipjar and access to my discord than what goes up on patreon. You’ll still get much faster access to my current art than here.
And commission form here

suggestive182723 artist:mccrazy49 daybreaker3778 nightmare moon19650 twilight sparkle345807 alicorn295549 anthro338618 unguligrade anthro62039 armor29566 big breasts116736 bodysuit3310 breasts368044 busty daybreaker606 busty nightmare moon1672 busty twilight sparkle15491 clothes598108 corrupted3321 costume36872 dress57928 ethereal mane12180 female1705429 females only16049 glowing hands398 goggles17570 gritted teeth18077 guard1637 helmet14838 high res92485 hoof shoes8576 lipstick15531 magic92002 mane of fire1913 mind control4495 shadowbolts2005 shadowbolts costume1400 spread arms174 spread wings85239 starry mane6551 telekinesis36987 thighs25308 thunder thighs14458 trio22479 trio female4658 tug of war168 twilight sparkle (alicorn)144076 wings199718


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