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Hide your Whisky — It's Blackjack!

She is made with soft minky fabric and stuffed with polyester fill. Her eyes, cutie mark and Pip-buck are detailed with custom embroidery! She is the first pony I have created using my new embroidery machine which allows me to work smaller and in more detail! The embroidery for her eye contains custom shaped satin columns for the lashes and iris while the remaining areas are produced with fill stitching.

Her Pip-buck is held on with Velcro and is removable. She measures 17 inches from hoof to hoof. Not counting the time it took to learn how to design and create the embroidery files, Blackjack took approximately 20 hours to make.

The mane, tail, head, Pip-buck and all embroidery (eyes, cutie mark and Pip-buck) are of my own design.
The body pattern I used to make this plush is based off a pattern by adamlhumpreys which can be found here
Blackjack and the story Project Horizons belong to Somber

My Little Pony belongs to Hasbro
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