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safe1770520 artist:alumx743 artist:anontheanon332 artist:bennimarru234 artist:cowsrtasty193 artist:hawthornss527 artist:hyper dash109 artist:imalou576 artist:jargon scott2609 artist:mkogwheel959 artist:pabbley2348 artist:pony quarantine776 artist:threetwotwo322321571 bon bon16784 lyra heartstrings30262 sweetie drops16785 oc722431 oc:apogee867 earth pony274764 pegasus316925 pony1030567 unicorn350852 airplane!61 bag5324 collaboration5531 dancing apogee15 dialogue69043 drool26025 earth1140 female1419197 foaming at the mouth100 garfield256 garfielf6 glue342 high790 kick761 kicking2135 lidded eyes32306 magic76408 mare511385 mare in the moon1784 moon24555 on back25342 open mouth158327 reference4030 south park659 space5235 telekinesis29194 thought bubble3630 tripping balls25 vore15033 wat19598


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And the moral of the story is, don’t sniff glue. Like all these artists did, apparently.