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safe1584431 artist:alumx618 artist:anontheanon327 artist:bennimarru228 artist:cowsrtasty189 artist:hawthornss502 artist:hyper dash96 artist:imalou440 artist:jargon scott2147 artist:mkogwheel860 artist:pabbley2273 artist:pony quarantine624 artist:spoopygander419 artist:threetwotwo322321152 bon bon15446 lyra heartstrings28047 sweetie drops15448 oc607651 oc:apogee813 earth pony205136 pegasus246596 pony854837 unicorn273075 airplane!59 bag3715 collaboration4846 dancing apogee15 dialogue59503 drool22561 earth1015 female1181787 foaming at the mouth91 garfield223 garfielf6 glue296 high682 kick674 kicking1893 lidded eyes27111 magic66445 mare426029 mare in the moon1609 moon21380 on back22450 open mouth124963 reference3863 south park622 space4599 telekinesis24798 thought bubble3026 tripping balls23 vore13326 wat18443


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Background Pony #9872
And the moral of the story is, don't sniff glue. Like all these artists did, apparently.