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safe1676362 artist:alumx681 artist:anontheanon328 artist:bennimarru228 artist:cowsrtasty192 artist:hawthornss522 artist:hyper dash105 artist:imalou474 artist:jargon scott2279 artist:mkogwheel911 artist:pabbley2306 artist:pony quarantine673 artist:threetwotwo322321380 bon bon16175 lyra heartstrings29184 sweetie drops16175 oc666008 oc:apogee845 earth pony237806 pegasus280305 pony938995 unicorn311106 airplane!61 bag4426 collaboration5195 dancing apogee15 dialogue63866 drool24223 earth1082 female1336254 foaming at the mouth94 garfield247 garfielf5 glue314 high730 kick710 kicking2022 lidded eyes29834 magic71761 mare466309 mare in the moon1705 moon23037 on back23935 open mouth140117 reference3733 south park646 space4951 telekinesis27056 thought bubble3311 tripping balls24 vore14100 wat19053


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Background Pony #9872
And the moral of the story is, don't sniff glue. Like all these artists did, apparently.
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