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MLP and TMNT — The Mutant Apocalypse in Equestria

Essa arte é um projeto para uma animação que estou planejando, chamada de My Little Ninja Turtle, e são 4 animações: 1ª: My Little Ninja Turtle, 2ª: My Little Ninja Turtle: O Filme, 3ª: My Little Ninja Turtle: Os Dark Turtles, e a ultima (que está relacionada á essa arte) 4ª: My Little Ninja Turtle: O Apocalipse Mutante em Equetria. E acreditem ou não, mas os persornagens de Fallout Equestria estarão lá; Espero que tenham gostado :D

Referring to TMNT Mutant Apocalypse and Fallout Equestria

July 28, 2019
safe (1502716) artist:mlptmntdisneykauane (36) oc (567294) oc:blackjack (2231) oc:calamity (626) oc:littlepip (3613) oc:velvet remedy (959) cyborg (2802) pegasus (213232) pony (779900) unicorn (234007) fallout equestria (14481) fallout equestria: project horizons (2503) augmented (1873) bag (2903) clothes (382258) cowboy hat (11735) cyber legs (125) dashite (424) fanfic (9892) fanfic art (12145) female (827008) fluttershy medical saddlebag (191) flying (31976) hat (70726) hooves (15465) horn (32561) male (282202) mare (375566) medical saddlebag (227) pipbuck (3094) rock (3644) saddle bag (4830) solo (925733) spread wings (44307) stallion (82812) text (44929) vault suit (3049) wings (61483)


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Background Pony #B923
Aaaa imagine how good it would be if black jack and little pip went on some, crazy adventure!
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