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2x1 Princess Derpy~
I actually love drawing clothes on ponies…
First dress was inspired by Kaguya from Touhou Imperishable Night; second was worn by Twilight in Season 5
Commission for @MaudYoshi
safe1691575 artist:mrneo94 derpy hooves49921 pegasus286070 pony953214 :p8711 big crown thingy2339 bowtie9989 clothes454209 cosplay27586 costume27199 crossover61697 cute197660 derpabetes2636 dress44012 ear fluff28891 element of magic2223 fake wings620 female1349460 high res27155 houraisan kaguya23 imperishable night4 jewelry62219 mare473616 red background877 regalia19477 simple background388442 solo1054095 tongue out102451 touhou888


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Background Pony #C2E0
Rarity took fashion inspirations from Gensokyo yet again and shared it with Derpy.
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