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A totally normal family friendly comic
semi-grimdark28997 artist:handgunboi175 twilight sparkle293659 pony919127 unicorn302132 ...2228 bath2829 bathtub1677 cable122 comic105624 electrical outlet30 female1318195 mare456567 shocking24 simple background376139 solo1030642 suicide joke16 this will end in electrocution16 this will not end well1551 toaster292 too dumb to live221 twiggie374 water12489 white background93225


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Background Pony #D54F
Like all squatponies, The Twiggie is indestructible, unstoppable, and implacable.
Background Pony #CD6A
Just a nice bath with some toast, why semi-grimdark? Oh, you're afraid she'll burn her mouth on the hot toast, now I get it.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Go fsck yourself
I gotta ask, who put that toaster in there?!

[D]on[']t g[ive] the children any weird ideas[.]

Kids these days don't have much to worry about here, unless they live in a really old, not-up-to-code building. Outlets in (and circuit-breakers to) bathrooms will protect against ground faults, so Twiggie is gonna be disappointed.
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The magic's gone :-(
Aaand there it is again, the dreaded "sfw" tag and its friends. Nuked.

OP, please don't use the "sfw" tag. It's not a proper rating.
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