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Artist Desc:
I'm not dead! Have other stuff in the works, but decided something short to prove I am breathing was needed. :)

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Base Pony Models by Nahka

Grogar Model by BeardedDoomGuy

Cozy Glow Model by Sindroom

Tirek Model by AeridicCore

General Audio is from MLP Season 9 Episode 24
Cozy Glow Voice is Scout from Team Fortress 2
safe (1504907) artist:argodaemon (219) cozy glow (5127) discord (27814) grogar (1114) lord tirek (4347) alicorn (179950) centaur (2253) pony (781788) sheep (1133) the ending of the end (1790) spoiler:s09e24 (1257) 3d (56536) alicornified (4130) animated (88324) bell (3346) cozycorn (337) disguise (3567) evil lair (194) female (829068) filly (55532) grogar's bell (267) grogar's lair (193) lair (205) male (282823) race swap (11789) ram (547) scout (1014) sound (5737) source filmmaker (33781) stuck (2136) team fortress 2 (5170) water (10425) webm (8592)


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12 comments posted
Background Pony #8325
Tirek: I hate kids and i think she the worst, WHY TWILIGHT A NOT REFORM HER?
Chrysalis: I dont know, but not reform her is be a big mistake and is us be trap with this brat!
Tirek: I think she a play tf2 far too long time!
Chrysalis: TF2?!
Tirek: TF2 is team fortress 2! I am surprise she succeed to mimic the vois of the scout of the game! the scout is the character she play a lot and a kill all other player or be the best scout against robots!
Chrysalis: Do you even play this game?
Tirek: Yes and i get bord very fast, I try all classe and is a NO magic user but is a boss in the game you fight but with other player but the character is a moron! but i like play the heavy, he strong and he use big weapon…let stop talk of it!
Tirek: Dont worry, she will calm down…or not!
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