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safe1901750 edit150340 screencap247912 twilight sparkle324876 alicorn261164 pony1249246 a trivial pursuit1212 all bottled up1546 father knows beast931 molt down916 non-compete clause779 ppov960 the point of no return1079 aside glance617 bag6700 bell5276 bipedal41860 bipedal leaning2148 collage1660 covering eyes475 cropped54004 door4564 doorknob104 eyes closed113397 facehoof1875 facepalm510 faic13335 female1538592 floppy ears61317 frown27042 frustrated632 gasp1120 gesture147 gritted teeth15394 horrified720 leaning4259 mare579160 open mouth184035 raised eyebrow7455 raised hoof56584 reaction image9860 sad27484 saddle bag6796 shocked8388 sitting74439 smiling309965 smug7290 solo1212566 spike's room115 twilight sparkle (alicorn)134827 twilight sparkle is not amused1681 unamused19256 unsure336 wide eyes18360 worried4589


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