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Row #1 from left to right
Radiante Radium is for Melisareb (me)
Polonium is for Silveer-Moon
Mercury Sparkle is for mercurysparkle
I don't know Aurum is for Aureai , please credit the owner if you know

Row #2 from left to right
Ferrum is for BackwaterOtter
Chlorine is for pegaSAI
Bromine is for twilight7070
Magnesium is for Casanova-mew
safe1679527 artist:melisareb358 oc667677 oc only439384 oc:aurum3 oc:bromine5 oc:chlorine5 oc:ferrum11 oc:magnesium3 oc:mercury sparkle9 oc:polonium8 oc:radiante radium30 alicorn219287 dracony6476 dragon54642 earth pony238782 hybrid18026 object pony761 original species24669 pegasus281519 pony941860 unicorn312151 aurum7 braid5617 bromine10 bust48089 chlorine16 collar32240 cute195781 element pony90 fangs24542 ferrum8 freckles27981 gold1081 horns5716 iron29 lidded eyes29896 magnesium8 mercury (element)15 ocbetes4966 periodic table197 polonium8 ponified40353 radioactive193 radium4 smiling241053 wings101685


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